Restore provides creative, safe, and appropriate opportunities for the harmed and harm-doer to directly discuss the human consequences of what has occurred, address issues of safety and accountability, and help parties begin the process of moving forward.

About Us

Organized in 1983 originally as the Victim Offender Reconciliation Program of Southeast South Dakota, Restore took shape in its present form in 2008 with a new name, volunteer board, and director. Programs continue to focus on restorative justice as a way of providing different answers to traditional problems by asking new questions: What happened? Who was hurt? Who is responsible? What needs to be done to make it right?

Restore programs work to repair the damage done by crime and conflict and restore the offender to a meaningful role in society. It is accomplished through a cooperative process that involves all parties and includes identifying and taking steps to repair harm. Restore works because of a strong partnership between staff, volunteers, directors, and community.

Volunteers serve in many capacities within the organization, including mediators who facilitate the face-to-face meetings between the victims and offenders in cases referred by the courts.